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Welcome to: The question remains.....who is this Noah Fentz? And why does he play songs like these?

Have you heard the song featured in the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou ? "Man of Constant Sorrow" and now he has "Man of Constipation" (I recommended Citricil).

Please visit the good people making bluegrass music better in the Louisville , Ky. region! Bluegrass Anonymous

Just a few songs more that we at NoahFentz love!

"Calf" dedicated to the guys at Listen to: "Calf upon the hill"

"Strapped" is dedicated to the most fun people at the IBMA

The California Bluegrass Music Association

Listen to: "Strapped one on for you!"

If you are offended, remember, this place is for people who take "no offense"

Let us know what you think!

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