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Each a Better Person


Poppycock Popcorn


Nativity countdown


Handel's Messiah and Christmas Story


How to Save your sanity, organize yourself, and enjoy your holidays


Body Care and Hygiene Tips


Ideas for Gift Giving


Christmas Playlet


Two Witnesses of Jesus' Birth


A Night to Remember The First Christmas in Israel and America in Chronological order


Readers' Theater The First Christmas in Israel and America in chronological order


The Christmas Pine


Santa Makes a Change


Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ


Samuel the Lamanite Heralds Christ


A New Star


Nephi Son of Nephi


A Prophecy come True


The Nativity


One Night in Bethlehem


The Birth of Jesus


The Yellow Shirt


The White Kid Gloves


What Shall We Give the Children


Virginia's Letter to Santa Claus


Unexpected Christmas


The Twelve Days of Christmas


T'was the night before Christmas


'Twas the First Night of Christmas a Long Time Ago


True Christmas Joy


Trouble At The Inn


To a Missionary at Christmas Time


A String of Blue Beads


The Story of the Christmas Guest


The Story of Mistletoe


The Spirit of Christmas


The Sixth Word Teach the Children of Christmas


Bethlehem of Judea many ages before


Silent Night How it Came to be Written


Santa Is Alive And Well


Rudolph That Amazing Reindeer


Repainting the Angel


Ready for Christmas


The Other Wise Man


Oh if we all could remember


No Greater Light


The Most Beautiful Thing


Keeping Christmas




Minor Traveling Unattended


The Man Who Missed Christmas


The magi


The Little Ole Donkey That Had Little To Say


Little Lost Angel


The Last Day of School


Joseph and Mary


Jesus Asleep


The Gift of You


A Gift for Her King


The Eternal Seasons


The Coat


The Carol that Never was Sung


Gold Circumstance and Mud


Dear Admiral McDonald


God Rest Ye Merry


The Donkey


A Different Kind of Shopping List for Christmas


Come Trim the Tree


A Christmas Wish


Christmas Tree


Christmas Thoughts


The Christmas Story


A Christmas Story


A Father's Gift To His Son


A Christmas Prayer


Christmas in Heaven


Christmas Heralds


Christmas Eve on the Desert


Christmas Day in the Morning


Christmas poems


Christmas ABC's


A Brother Like That


Bailey's Jesus


The Story of the First Christmas in Israel and in America


The Story of the First Christmas in America


The Story of the First Christmas in Israel